Who Is Your King?

As Moses prepared the Israelites to enter the Promised Land he prophesied that they would ask for a king, “I will set a king over me, like all the nations that are round about me” (Dt. 17:14). He did not condemn the desire that he knew they would have, but he did give them some warnings: The king must be an Israelite, not a foreigner. He shall also not multiply horses, wives, and gold for himself (cf. Dt. 17:15-17).

Now, fast-forward two hundred years to the end of the period of the Judges. During those years they repeatedly completed a cycle of sin and repentance: worship false idols, succumb to foreign powers, beg God for deliverance, God delivers them through a judge, things are good, and then they turn to false idols again. After completing this cycle many times they began looking for change.

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Scott Murray