Welcome St. Joseph

Hopefully you noticed the new (to us) statue of St. Joseph overlooking the sanctuary. This beautiful statue of the patron of Canada is a gift from Fr. Ryan Holly (Our Lady of Fatima, Renfrew and St. Patrick, Mt. St. Patrick) and the parishioners of the church of the Most Holy Rosary in Griffith, ON. Most Holy Rosary Parish was closed a few years ago, so I asked Fr. Holly if we could have their statue of St. Joseph. He and the parishioners of the humble parish were glad to see the foster Father of Jesus moved to another parish in the diocese, where he would be venerated once again.

Devotion to St. Joseph has long been a mainstay of Catholic piety. There are prayers dedicated to him dating back to the early Church, but it wasn't until the 19th century that he was given universal acclaim by the Roman Pontiff. Pope Pius IX declared St. Joseph the patron of the Universal Church, and his successor Leo XIII continued to implore the faithful to seek the intercession of the Holy Spouse of Mary.

Of course, here in Canada we were blessed to have St. André Bessette tirelessly introduce people to St. Joseph. St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, which welcomes more than 2 million pilgrims each year, is the largest shrine to St. Joseph in the world. Countless miracles have taken place through his intercession at the shrine and he continues to be a source of hope for the Church in Canada.

Scott Murray